Product Features

A proprietory mobile appointment booking app which allows patients to book appointments at allocated healthcare facilities with instant confirmation functionality.

A healthcare facility Management App allowing patients to be checked in via biometric fingerprinting, a virtual waiting room assisting with reduced waiting times, cloud storage of all patient records and treatment history which will be available across all health institutions and anywhere in the country, an online referral system for ez referral to specialist facilities, an automated/online dispensing system allowing ez scripting and dispensing of medication using biometrics and a comprehensive reporting system for statistics and health facility management.

No waiting in long queues

Easy dispensing of medication

No lost medical notes

More consulting time

Online Booking

Online referrals

About the company

Insull Energy Pty(Ltd) is a software development company that aims to realize a future that is pragmatic, paperless, seamless and user friendly.

EZHealthID is our first product- an innovative, interoperable healthcare solution; its aim is to make healthcare easily accessible to all patients and assisting the healthcare practitioner in providing world class care.

Our Team

Dr Zjunaid Khan


Mrs Tasneem Moolla



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